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(Version 1.00 of 06/28/2008)

With this plugin you can run ScummVM on the Dreambox.
copy and scummvm.cfg via ftp to /var/tuxbox/plugins. The scummvm-binary (5.9 MB) has to be copied to /hdd/scummvm/ and made executable.
In addition a directory /hdd/scummvm/savegames/ has to be created.


Plugin and Binary for DM7000
(should run on all Dreamboxes with harddisk and Enigma1)

the Sourcecode is checked in into the CVS ( here)

(Version 1.16 of 04/08/2007)

TuxCom is a slim Midnight-Commander – Clone (for windows-user: Total-Commander, for DOS-user: Norton-Commander) , which allows to execute file-operations (copy,delete, rename, view, edit, execute, change rights,...) and any other linux-command on the Dreambox via the remote-control.
As you can execute every linux-command, you should be careful not to delete important files (e.g. recorded movies) or execute commands that shutdown the Dreambox by accident. (therefore you have to confirm every action you want to execute)
I am not responsible for lost files or any other
damage on your Dreambox!
copy and tuxcom.cfg to /var/tuxbox/plugins via ftp. Plugin uses the font 'pakenham.ttf', which is normally installed in /share/fonts ( it is used by the 'Simple & stylish'-skin ). if it is missing , you can download it here and copy it to /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/fonts/ .

This plugin should work on every Dreambox-Model (I only tested it on my DM7000 with firmware >= 1.09) .

I also made a version for the Dbox2-users. I can't test this because i don't have a Dbox2.

the Sourcecode is checked in into the CVS ( here)

(Version 1.99 of 10/07/2006)

For more information look here
(I only compile versions from the current CVS and put them online)

Current TuxTxt-Version for the DBox

Current TuxTxt-Version for the Dreambox

the Sourcecode is checked in into the CVS ( here)

(Version of 05/27/2005)


for the SourceCode and further information look here


Please send questions and remarks at the support-forum from Dream-Multimedia or the TuxBox-Forum.

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